Ashmore Orthodontics has a reputation for offering a high level of communication including listening to our patients’ concerns, educating them about their orthodontic situation, and discussing the different options available to them. By providing ample education, we encourage our patients to choose the plan that will provide optimal results for them and fit best with their lifestyle and personal situation. 

Our Approach to Orthodontic Care

When you’re a patient at Ashmore Orthodontics, you will always be cared for as we would treat a member of our family: gently, compassionately, and respectfully. Everyone at our practice, from Dr. Jennifer L. Ashmore through each member of our team, is passionate about delivering patient-focused care, earning smiles while creating them.

We listen to and care for each patient based on their individual needs and wants. We ensure each patient is comfortable through every step of their orthodontic journey, and see to it we achieve the healthiest, most beautiful smile possible for them.

Our Commitment to Personal Care

Unlike high-volume orthodontic practices, Ashmore Orthodontics is a more intimate practice, where we are able to provide our patients with personalized care, at each appointment. Dr. Ashmore will see you every time you come in, ensuring your care stays on track and on time, and making sure that everything is progressing well. She will also bond your braces, shape and bend the arch wires, and remove all bonding materials herself, rather than handing these important tasks over to her staff.

That personal care extends to the relationships we hope to develop with you. Starting with the complimentary exam and consultation, we will talk with you about your goals in seeking treatment, your concerns, and your lifestyle. Not only does this allow us to create a custom treatment plan that’s right for your unique situation, but it’s the groundwork for us getting to know you on an individual level.

We love learning about the lives, background, and interests of our patients. The exchanges we have throughout the day delight us all, and the practice is always filled with laughter and smiles, from patients and our team.

Our Commitment to Customer Care

It’s essential you know we are here for you, whatever you need, whenever you need it. We promise to always:

  • Treat you with respect and consideration
  • Provide ethical treatment recommendations that are right for your needs
  • Deliver the highest quality orthodontic treatment
  • Keep you updated on the progress we’re making toward your new smile
  • Encourage your participation in all steps of your orthodontic journey

Our Commitment to Overall Wellness

Every patient deserves the best dental aesthetics, oral health, and overall health possible for them. Orthodontics is an essential component of setting up a lifetime of oral health. If the jaws and teeth are properly aligned, not only will their facial appearance and smile look amazing, the teeth will be less prone to wear and fracture over time, teeth will be easier to floss and clean, and the periodontal health will be more ideally maintained over time. 

Additionally, correlations are being made between sleep health and the structure of the jaws and occlusion (bite). Orthodontics planned with a mindset of providing the best airway volume possible can have profound effects on patients’ overall health.

Seeing children at a young age to guide growing faces and jaws into the proper relationship is a key part of optimizing their health throughout their lifetime.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Your journey begins with a complimentary consultation at our Bremerton or Port Orchard, WA orthodontic office. Come in, meet Dr. Ashmore and team, tour the office, and receive a complimentary initial orthodontic examination. Dr. Ashmore will explain what she’s found in the exam and the options for correcting your bite. She will discuss the most ideal timing of treatment and your next steps to get started on the path to a great new smile.

Please call to schedule a consultation for your child and/or yourself, today. Everyone at Ashmore Orthodontics is looking forward to working with you on your journey toward healthy, straight teeth for years of confident, beautiful smiles!

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