When determining orthodontic fees, Dr. Ashmore considers length of treatment and specific individual needs. We offer a variety of payment options, including Visa and MasterCard, to suit your family’s situation. We offer a discount for families when more than one family member receives treatment.

We offer monthly payment plans (with an initial down payment), at no interest or finance charge. In addition, monthly payments may be automatically charged to your credit or debit card or your checking account.

A 5% discount on full treatment is provided for payments made in full by cash or check before treatment starts.

On your behalf, our Financial Coordinator will verify benefits and bill your insurance company. Insurance plans typically cover a percentage of orthodontic fees and disburse funds throughout the course of treatment. She will also assist you with flexible spending accounts and is happy to provide you with the required payment receipts.

Treatment Fees:

The treatment fee includes the cost of orthodontic appliance placement and removal, the appointments for the expected treatment time, the first set of retainers and follow-up retainer visits for one year.

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